stellar rest api xdr External Data Representation Standard
kbpgp keybase pretty good privacy
html validator
css json formatter
eslint javascript linter
log4js logger
git set default editor: git config --global core.editor nano
tor protect your privacy, internet outside the indexing machines (only 6 percent)
gnupg email self-defense protect your privacy
translate on mobile
coin gecko quantitatively and qualitatively rank the potential of an altcoin
keybase chat, teams, filesystem (wdenouden) (install: compile from source with latest go)
tor protect your privacy
keybase brings all your communication together, filesystem (fully encrypted)
whireshark see what’s happening on your network
opencv Open Source Computer Vision Library
vnc remote access
kodi media center
wymeditor (browser editor)
pandoc universal document converter
ffmpeg convert to divx: ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -vcodec mpeg4 -q:v 5 -vtag xvid output.avi, ffmpeg -i video.mkv -acodec pcm_s16le -ac 2 audio.wav
if an app has no chromecast button choose from the google home menu: cast screen/audio, then set the app to fullscreen
qreader generator
gezichtherkenning video, foto
youtube easy downloader
VLC multimedia player kodi ultimate entertainment center
gimp image manipulation
inkscape svg drawing
musescore Create, play and print beautiful sheet music
lilypond muzieknoten notatie
kdenlive video editor
breseor dvd burner
gps data converter
stellarium planetarium
a-frame (virtual reality)
etcher burn images to sd or usb
youtube-dl command line video downloader
- create debian/ubuntu flash: df -h: sudo umount /dev/sd(e) (no separate number) sudo dd if=/path/to/ubuntu.iso of=/dev/sd(e) bs=1M (/dev/sd(e) choose the right flash everything is gone)
eMMc: flash os to it via pc and microusb connection cable, not showing? gparted a new partition, format (maybe set jumper and start from sd card)
big compilation? out of memory? create swap file (if usb flash: mount the drive in fstab before swap file line)
jotul houtkachel F 118
wamsler lohberger koken (warm water op hout)
cobb koken/bakken
12/24 volt in huis
katherine handwasmachine
waterstof lokaal geheel geautomatiseerd maken met behulp van zon concentrators, opslaan en vervoer in ongevaarlijke poedervorm, bij toepassing terug naar gewenste vorm van gas, eigen mini cv, elektra, water/riool zuivering met een beetje poeder?
Pannenkoeken (havermout):
Zoete aardappel:
mahajrya unified field
Javascript, html5, nodejs, postgresql
Dataflex (Unix, Windows)
Business basic (Unix)
Paradox for Windows
MS Dos, Freebsd, Linux, Debian, Ubuntu
AMBI he2 elementaire informatiekunde, 1988
AMBI hs1 organisatie en informatiebeleid, 1988
Wiskunde in (het) bedrijf, 1987
AMBI he0 introductie informatievoorziening, 1987
AMBI he1 elementaire informatica, 1987
AMBI i1 basiskennis informatica, 1986
AMBI b1 basiskennis bestandsorganisatie, 1986
NIMA A, 1986
Organisatiekunde 1a, 1985
Praktijkdiploma boekhouden, 1984
MEAO, 1973
Detailhandel, 1969
Develop bots based on stellar smart contracts starlight (mass payment on stellar without middleman, instantly, securely, privately while paying zero fees) how to Smart Contracts are self-executing contractual states, stored on the block/concensus chain, which nobody controls and therefore everyone can trust.
invest in your neighborhood, think/link global
Keep it as simple as possible