js-stellar-sdk js-stellar-sdk (ready for download)
stellar core administrator
horizon administrator
stellar rest api xdr External Data Representation Standard
expert (block explorer)
stellarbeat stellarbeat github (network explorer)
stellar chain journal account
federated service without the need to install anything
stellarx exchange on the Stellar dex where you hold your keys give your stellar account a common name
howto ico
awesome Stellar projects
btcdirect kopen/verkopen
keybase encrypted social networking service
keybase stellar wallet
keybase github
keybase client (no gui) cmd
bitcoin uitleg
ledger hardware cold storage
electrum wallet
mycelium mobile wallet
bitcoin blockexplorer
bluewallet mobile lightning, bitcoin
bitlum chrome extention lightning, bitcoin
bitcoin full node manual
lokijs git wal (replication)
qrcode scanner/generater
machine learning
chalk colors
nodejs (on raspberrypi 4):
nvm nodejs version manager:
curl -o- | bash
command -v nvm
reopen shell
nvm install nodejs version (12.6.0)
npm install electron -g
Energie off-grid:
fuelcell hydrogen nanotech, gases, energy from environment
12/24 volt in huis gelijkstroomwinkel gelijkstroomhuis (12 volt living/sleeping rooms and 24 volt kitchen/small washingmachine no conversion losses (periodly wash in a central big washingmachine)
victron energy regelapparatuur accu's, zonnepanelen, brandstofcel, slim stroom software)
warmte, koken, bakken op pellets, 24 volt zonneenergie, minder gebruikte ruimtes verlichting met accu's, gereedschap op accu's (alles via apps)
jacobus (kook, bak) livingroom, kitchen small pelletstove
cobb oven koken/bakken
clean water (4 m3 regenwater opvangen)
prefab wooden house 92 mm logs (extra isolation, 24 volt, compost toilet, rain water with filters)
Lokale produktie:
Opensource apps:
free software directory
simple scan scan via printer
tor protect your privacy, internet outside the indexing machines (only 6 percent)
gnupg (gpg) email self-defense protect your privacy
whireshark see what’s happening on your network
pandoc universal document converter
youtube-dl download youtube
ffmpeg video converter, youtube downloader etc.
ffmpeg -i file.vtt vtt to srt or arround, subtitle converter
put vtt or srt in video; ffmpeg -i subtitles.ass; Then add them using a video filter; ffmpeg -i mymovie.mp4 -vf ass=subtitles.ass mysubtitledmovie.mp4
gezichtherkenning video, foto
VLC multimedia player kodi ultimate entertainment center
gimp image manipulation
inkscape svg drawing
musescore Create, play and print beautiful sheet music
lilypond muzieknoten notatie
audacity sound edit
openshot video editor
kdenlive video editor
gps data converter
stellarium planetarium
a-frame (virtual reality)
gnucash bookkeep
Meubel zelf maken:
Schoonmaken-wassen eco:
afwasmiddel zelf maken
wasmiddel zelf maken
baking soda huishoud tips (baking soda) (rvs spoelbak, baking soda (zuiveringszout) iets vochtig erin laten trekken (1 uur?), daarna met zachte doek afnemen, geen krassen)
raspberry-pi 64 bit goedkope van alles kunner computer:
raspbian os lxde (pixel)
keyboard wireless
pixel os (older) pc and mac
install raspberry
hifiberry stereo, audio builds
some installs require root: sudo passwd root
install printer via add/remove software hp: apt-get install hplip cups, usermod -a -G lpadmin pi, scanner: apt-get install sane sane-find-scanner, choose driverless driver, http://localhost:631
sdcard install: find via fdisk -l, format: mkfs.vfat /dev/sdX, dd bs=4M if=2019-07-10-raspbian-buster.img of=/dev/sdX status=progress conv=fsync, fsck
sdcard copy: menu utilities; sd card copier (save to have a extra sd for the same raspberrypi hardware)
wd external usb harddisk (if only readonly no ntfs driver: sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g)
lsblk (see all disks)
service (auto start, check) manual
ps -ef | grep server.js # find the current pid (test if auto restart works)
kill 12345 # kill the process by its pid reported above
ps -ef | grep server.js # notice node process is immediately respawned with a different pid
start node nerve....js every 5 minutes? crontab -e add *\/5 * * * * node /home/pi/nerve/nerveBitcoin.js > /home/pi/nervelog/cronjob.log 2>&1, sudo service cron restart, start, stop
ubuntu server 64 bit
Warming up: