horizon access (testnet)
stellar chain journal account give your stellar account a common name
stellarguard extra security for your Stellar account
howto ico
payment channel? allow parties to transact privately, instantly, and securely, while paying zero fees
kelp trading bot
stellar stackexchange developer help
nvm nodejs version manager:
curl -o- | bash
command -v nvm
reopen shell
update npm, npm install -g npm stable
update node, npm install -g node
Opensource apps:
syncthing savedocs
tor protect your privacy, internet outside the indexing machines (only 6 percent)
gnupg email self-defense protect your privacy
whireshark see what’s happening on your network
vnc remote access
kodi media center: remote control smartphone: download kore, official remote for kodi. Via Kodi system service control set allow remote control via http to on (which name and port is set): via system info, which ip is used. Now start kori and setup with this data
pandoc universal document converter
ffmpeg video converter, youtube downloader etc.
ffmpeg -i file.vtt vtt to srt or arround, subtitle converter
put vtt or srt in video; ffmpeg -i subtitles.ass; Then add them using a video filter; ffmpeg -i mymovie.mp4 -vf ass=subtitles.ass mysubtitledmovie.mp4
if an app has no chromecast button choose from the google home menu: cast screen/audio, then set the app to fullscreen
qreader generator javascript qrcode
gezichtherkenning video, foto
VLC multimedia player kodi ultimate entertainment center
gimp image manipulation
inkscape svg drawing
musescore Create, play and print beautiful sheet music
lilypond muzieknoten notatie
audacity sound edit how to
openshot video editor
kdenlive video editor
gps data converter
stellarium planetarium
a-frame (virtual reality)
gnucash bookkeep
raspberry-pi 64 bit :
raspbian os lxde (pixel)
microsd: extreme rw, overscan: off, video memory: 256, splashscreen: off, bluetooth off, powered usb external ports, if harddisk over ubs sometime no ntfs driver (no write and copy): apt-get install ntfs-3g
pixel os (older) pc and mac
etcher burn images to sd or usb
janus zuinige, geluidsarme, automatische pellet kachel (a++)
stiebel eltron diverse modelen heaters/warm water
cobb oven koken/bakken
12/24 volt in huis gelijkstroomwinkel gelijkstroomhuis (12 en 24 volt (3-5 zonnepanelen))
victron energy regelapparatuur accu's, zonnepanelen, brandstofcel, slim stroom software)
efoy fuel cell methanol backup accu's
katherine handwasmachine biotex
Waterstof lokale brandstofcel, generatoren, opslag, bio brandstof, pellet kachels (deel/handel)
prefab wooden house 92 mm logs (extra isolation, 24 volt, odcompost toilet, rain water with filters)
Pannenkoeken (havermout):
Zoete aardappel:
appelflap bladerdeeg
mahajrya unified field
Consensus based apps
nodejs, Javascript, html5
Dataflex (Unix, Windows)
Business basic (Unix)
Paradox for Windows
MS Dos, Freebsd, Linux, Debian, Ubuntu
AMBI he2 elementaire informatiekunde, 1988
AMBI hs1 organisatie en informatiebeleid, 1988
Wiskunde in (het) bedrijf, 1987
AMBI he0 introductie informatievoorziening, 1987
AMBI he1 elementaire informatica, 1987
AMBI i1 basiskennis informatica, 1986
AMBI b1 basiskennis bestandsorganisatie, 1986
NIMA A, 1986
Organisatiekunde 1a, 1985
Praktijkdiploma boekhouden, 1984
MEAO, 1973
Detailhandel, 1969

Hi, welcome to Wim den Ouden; (simple) webapps based on stellar ((utility) value):

Vote! (beta), your choice, open cooperative decision-making based on the stellar

Save time, get motivated voters (and opinions)

Hi, welkom bij Wim den Ouden; (simple) webapps gebaseerd op stellar ((utility) value):

Vote! (beta), jouw keus, samenwerken gebaseerd op beslisvorming via stellar

Bespaar tijd, krijg gemotiveerde stemmers (en ideën)